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In the 1960s, Donald Draper was one of the key players in Advertising.  The show “MadMen” portrays the life and job of Draper, including scandals, heavy drinking and smoking.  One episode of this multiple Emmy-award winning show is called “Public Relations”.

Although the main focus of the episode revolved around a stunt putting two women fighting over branded turkey during Thanksgiving in an effort to boost turkey sales, there are actual PR themes in the episode.

When a member of the company interviews with a reporter, it is important to be calm and casual when answering questions  The spokesperson, in a sense, must connect with the audience and show his or her human side; people need to connect with them on a certain level.

In the episode, Donald Draper’s character has an interview with a man who happens to be missing a leg.  Since Draper was uncomfortable with the reporter, he seemed distant in the interview.  As a result, the article portrayed Draper as cold and distant.

The public want to view companies in a personable way.  Draper failed to present himself in that way and thus failed to maintain a relationship with a client at the end of the episode.  This shows how vital Public Relations is to a corporation and an individual.  This episode teaches that PR should focus on giving the company a humanized image.  This idea of building relationships with the public is the forefront effort of PR.


One thought on “PR in TV

  1. I just recently started watching “Mad Men” and it depicts the world of public relations during the 1960s in a very accurate way. I like how the show focuses on presenting the image of company in a positive light so people will be drawn to it. Public relations relies on building relationships with the public and the show does a great job at showing how vital that relationship is in order to successfully get a message out.

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