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In the spring addition of the Georgia Southern Magazine, a surprising article caught my eye.  Before I begin discussing the content of the article, I should give a short family history.  I am from Savannah, Ga, from a very loving family.  As with any family though, we have our tough times and trials.  My brother suffers from an opioid addiction.  He is currently at a rehab facility, where he is learning coping mechanisms that will help him survive outside of a controlled environment.  So when I saw an article in my university’s magazine called “Champions of Recovery”, I was immediately interested.
The article discusses how the Willingway Hospital was first created and why.  Dr. John and his wife Dot Mooney, from Statesboro, Ga., suffered from drug and alcohol addiction.  After they gained sobriety, they were determined to help others overcome their addictions.  To anyone who needed help, the Mooneys opened their doors of their house to be a temporary detox and boarding house.  All the while, raising their children.
In 1971, the Willingway Hospital was opened.  It has the honor of being the first “free-standing specialty hospital” and has treated over 20,000 patients from all walks of life.  The Willingway Hospital is now known as one of the top treatment centers in the United States.  The hospital is connected with Georgia Southern University through the Mooneys’ son, Jimmy, who is a Georgia Southern alumni.
The article continues on to talk about another Georgia Southern student.  Catherine Mosley was addicted to opiates and struggled with her addiction for years.  I somehow find myself connecting with Ms. Mosley in many ways.  Not only does she have the same illness as my brother, but she is also from Savannah.  Ms. Mosley entered into the Willingway’s rehab facility and then checked into the half-way house.  After getting her illness under control, she now attends Georgia Southern and is currently working on a Chemistry degree.  Her story gives me hope for my brother.  Even in her darkest times, she overcame her issues and is continuing her education.  She is moving on with her life.  I can only pray that my brother can do the same.
It’s important for the university to shed light on issues like these.  Students from all majors are facing the possibility of getting caught in the wrong stuff.  Therefore, anyone and everyone at the university could benefit from reading this article.  The target for this particular article would probably be geared towards undergraduate students, who may be more in the party scene.  Many people are unaware of how easy it is to get addicted to prescription pills.  Even if a doctor gives you something doesn’t mean that prescription is good for you.  Many times, addictions start with something simple like headaches, minor injuries, or anxiety.  Once the drug gets a hold of you though, watch out! It’s hard to get over.

If you are suffering from an addiction problem, visit HELPGUIDE.org and read some of their articles.  Addiction recovery is a process.  It will take time and hard work, but it is worth it for you, your friends, and your family.  For a list of articles, click: http://www.helpguide.org/topics/addiction.htm

To read the entire article, visit Georgia Southern’s Spring 2013 Magazine at http://news.georgiasouthern.edu/sites/magazine/spring13/champions-of-recovery/

– Cynthia Wright


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