A Fresh Look at Date Night

The Garden of the Coastal Plain

The Garden of the Coastal Plain

Among the usual scenes in Statesboro, Ga., it’s easy for sweethearts to start cycling the same cute date ideas over and over. Being unique is hard nowadays, as many of us on campus have more raging hormones than money.   One way to spice things up, is to take a breath of fresh air, literally, and visit The Garden of the Coastal Plain tucked away right off of Fair Road.

There is something magical about the wonders of nature. Walking down the narrow dirt path, two people can get lost in each other.  Laughing and trying to pronounce the long scientific names, The Garden’s Woodland Trail makes it easy to lose track of time.  Songbirds sing you melodies as you discover a whole new, greener side of Statesboro.

When upper class-men think about a night on the town, The Garden somehow just doesn’t come to mind.  “With the trees whispering in the wind, and sweet smells floating in the air, it really is romantic,” said Crystal Dowell, a rising senior at Georgia Southern.  “In the morning or early evening would have just the right light.”

To spice things up even more, for those who are 21 and older, buy a ticket to The Rhythm & Brews festival in the fall.  Local brewers are invited to showcase their creations.  One of a kind beer for a one of a kind Garden.  Just picture it, deep sounds of the Blues drift throughout The Garden as you and your sweetheart sneak away to your favorite shady spot.


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