Inspiration Comes from Others

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To improve my own writing techniques, it is important to critique examples from other organizations.  In Birmingham, Ala., the organization Southern Company sent out a news release for their First Tee program.  The release is set up as a stand-alone, hard news article.  A catchy but informative title is bold on the top of the page, grabbing the attention of the reader.  Within the Lead paragraph, the release clearly states the impact of the First Tee program.  Thirty Birmingham City Schools are gaining access to the program.  The writer also added the date of when the program will be instated.  Later on, the writer calls attention to the nationwide impact of the program. By the third paragraph, the writer includes a very informative quote from the Birmingham City Schools’ superintendent.  The quote describes that the program is “unique” and “not traditional”.  This clearly has emotional appeal for individuals to be one of a kind.  The company’s credibility is built throughout the release.  One particular way is by the writer clearly stating the principles of the organization.  Also, connections are made from the parent company to other partners that help build credibility.  The partners include LPGA, the Masters Tournament, PGA of America, the PGA Tour, and USGA.  Anyone who knows anything about golf knows those organizations.  They are respected throughout the golfing community.  Former President George W. Bush is one celebrity mentioned that supports the program.  At the end of the article, the writer provides a link for more information about The First Tee National School Program.  In addition to the link, the writer includes two short paragraphs explaining the mission and location of the program.  It goes on to discuss the impact of it.  The last thing on the page is the media contact.  It is evident that the news story is the most important part of the release.  Throughout the article, the lines are single spaced with no indents.  This release is a great example to reference when I am writing my own news releases.

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