Featuring Feedback


It is always important to pass along other ideas and opinions from my peers.  Check out these interesting blog posts written by fellow Georgia Southern PR professionals:

Shannon Wanco

My Comment: “Oh Shannon, your description of New York City makes me feel like I have missed out on something magical. I have never been to NY, but it has been on my bucket list for quite some time. The picture your chose really illustrates how towers illuminate the night sky in the beautiful mega-city. I can only imagine what it must be like to walk the streets and see the mix of people. What a great adventure that must be!”

Shauntel Hall

My Comment: “You should have warned me not to read this post on an empty stomach! Really though, my mouth is watering from your descriptions. I haven’t had the pleasure of exploring Washington, D.C. yet, but this semester I am taking a trip there in October. Now that I know the inside scoop, I will definitely have to make a stop into Georgetown Cupcakes. Since I’m on vacation, I think it will be okay if I cheat on my diet… Anyway, thanks for the advice! Such an interesting read, especially with the fun fact about our the bakery’s involvement in a White House celebration.”

I hope you enjoy reading their posts as much as I did!




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