Featuring Feedback


It is always important to pass along other ideas and opinions from my peers.  Check out these interesting blog posts written by fellow Georgia Southern PR professionals:


My Comment: “Don’t you just hate it when that happens in a movie theater too? People will pay $12, and then right when it starts getting good, a flash of light to your right brings you right back to reality. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. Balance is the key to any healthy lifestyle, and more people should start to analyze their technology usage, especially with friends.”


My Comment: “It is up to the person to be in control of how much they use social media. You are right about people developing bad manners. I find it so insulting when people want to hangout but then wind up playing on their phones the entire time. We wind up not having any shared experience during those times. If a date whips out his phone during dinner, that’s a black mark in my book, for sure. But I agree that we are not doomed. Adults should recognize the negative influence technology can have, and monitor their time “plugged-in”.”


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