Stuck on the Screen


With the technology taking off in the United States, it seems like everyone is glued to their phones.  It’s becoming common practice to have a device that micromanages your affairs at your side, at all times.  These “smart” tools keep track of so much, but are they more of a curse than a blessing? A hindrance on living a healthy life? People will pay more attention to a small, plastic square they can hold in their palm over the walking, talking individuals around them.  Sitting right next to each other, friends will play on apps instead of catching up over coffee.  Because of trends like these, millennials have gained the reputation of being anti-social, or even narcissistic. But most of our technology revolves around our social lives. Facebook allows us to keep track of old friends in far away places.  Sending random pictures through Snapchat, lets us share time over space.  Even business professionals can network on LinkIn. New popular video applications like Vine and YouTube enable us to capture moments of our lives.

All of these channels are ways for people to connect with others.  So how can that make the users anti-social?  It could be argued that millennials are the most social generation of all.  Since our childhood, we have had access to all kinds of information.  We have grown up interacting with others from completely other ends of the earth.  Sharing our sights and  thoughts to the world has become customary.    Technology, like any substance, can become additive; moderation is key.  But for the most part, I find my self disagreeing with the majority of judgements put on my generation’s social habits.


4 thoughts on “Stuck on the Screen

  1. I think you make an interesting point when you say that social media connects us with other people so how does it make us antisocial. I totally get your point I think it makes us antisocial in a way but very social in another. I think the issues comes in when we have problems connecting with people in the real world but have no problem connecting with people in the digital word. I think balance is the key

  2. I can relate most definitely to “moderation is key.” Sometimes I find myself being lost in my phone and forgetting about things that are happening in the now. I do believe that there should be a balance. At times it’s hard, because we tend to stick to what we know and feel comfortable with but I do believe that our generation has and can continue to find that balance. Honestly, if it wasn’t for increased social media use in the workplace I probably wouldn’t be a part of some of the sites that I am a part of now. You just have to find what adds to your life, not takes away.

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