Dinning on my Mind

Photo provided by: kindazesty.blogspot.com

Photo provided by: kindazesty.blogspot.com

It takes around two hours to reach international waters from Savannah.  And for my dinner party, that is exactly where I want to take my guests.  There is something invigorating about being surrounded by complete darkness, so far out on the sea that land is just a faint memory.  Millions of billions of stars illuminate the sky making it impossible to capture the sight on a camera.   The gentle rolling of the calm waters puts any anxiety to rest.  Looking out on the grand horizon, one is reminded that the ocean connects every country, every land mass, and every person in some way.

That is exactly why international waters would be ideal for my particular gathering of minds.  For you see, at my dinner party, I would invite some of the most influential figures from around the world.  The guest of honor would be Jesus Christ.  He’s my main man in my life and I would be honored to have him sit at my table.  Furthering my religious theme, I would invite Gandhi and John the Baptist.   From there, I would get more current figures to attend.  2014 Miss America Nina Davuluri would be invited.  I absolutely love her style and I would ask her some tips for dancing.  Also, we could discuss how she plans to change the world with her position.  She only has a year to make a real impact on the world, and as “America’s princess”, she really needs to be on her game.  Finally, I would invite the Syrian president.  I feel like Mr. Christ and Gandhi would have a real talking to with that man.  Hopefully with the neutral environment, we could all get along peacefully.


4 thoughts on “Dinning on my Mind

  1. This post reminded me of all the reasons I love and admire you, Cynthia. The fact that you would bring together people to make for a peaceful tomorrow is amazing. You would be in great company.

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