Tweeting Between the Lines

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A Nielsen SocialGuide team conducted a study of the amount of time TV audiences tweeted during TV programs.  It showed that while we are all sitting around and waiting for the show to come back, we are Tweeting one another. PR professionals can use this great tool to indicate what the audience thinks during each second of your program.  You could even monitor what part of the program generated the most responses.  Some companies are stressing though, because viewers are not paying attention to the commercials.   In my opinion, they are just reading too much into our habits.  If it isn’t Twitter, it would be something else that would steal our attention away.  Usually, I do laundry during commercials, or possibly homework.  But I still have my volume turned up.  Even though I’m not necessarily watching the screen, I still listen.  So in essence, I still decode the messages you’re sending to me.  More professionals look at this situation in a positive way.  This information gives you a better picture of when and where your audience is!  Targeting them directly while they are engaged is a wonderful way to really connect with the customer.  It creates a lasting impression on them.

To read the article on the Nielsen SocialGuide study:


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