Mayhem Makes a Statement


Mayhem has captured the attention of many people watching TV commercials.  Everyone loves the holiday specials where Mayhem collapses your roof, or the original “I’m a teenage girl…” ad.  The ads are so funny that most consumers will remember them throughout the year until the next one airs.  However, Allstate is now running a social media campaign where Mayhem will be tweeting and posting to all kinds of sites.  Customers can interact with @Mayhem and join in on the fun. I think this is great Public Relations.  It takes the character out the commercial and into social scene.  It makes it real for the customer.  Apparently @Mayhem has many different sites that he is engaging with customers.  This is great for now, but Allstate needs to make sure they continue to run the funny commercials with him.  If his character starts to fade out of the scene for people, no one will want to engage with him anymore.   He will cease to entertain the audience.  If Allstate can work this campaign with several different strategies, this could really be the next big win for them.  For a list of Mayhem’s sites, check out this article:


2 thoughts on “Mayhem Makes a Statement

  1. My favorite commercial of Allstate’s Mayhem campaign is the teenage girl! You have the right idea of wanting Allstate to keep Mayhem as a source of entertainment and I believe by creating him as a character that can interact with the customer base will do just that.

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