Picking People Apart


Everyone has little ticks.  Little things that are so small they shouldn’t matter, but for some reason these little things can become big problems.  My friend, these are called ‘pet peeves’ and everyone has them.  For instance, I happen to get seriously annoyed when someone tells me to turn, right as I’m passing the drive way.  Seriously, why didn’t you give me a warning like my GPS? “In .2 miles, turn left” would have prepared me.  If I’m nice enough to give you a ride, don’t make me waste my gas with U-turns. I would much rather arrive at the destination on time, than to hear about your childhood or what you had for lunch today.

Another big one for me is whenever anyone says “know what I’m saying?”  Well since you haven’t actually said anything, no… I don’t know what you’re saying. Instead of wasting your breath on this stupid question, why don’t you actually SAY what you’re trying to say? Since I can’t read your mind, it would make it a lot easier for me to understand what you are trying to communicate.


GetAnnoyed.com has a huge list of pet peeves; here’s a couple that hit home for me:

When you open the DVD case and it is empty or a different movie is in it.

People who don’t cover their mouth while sneezing or coughing.

When something I’ve been into for a long time becomes popular. (i.e. the Black Keys…)

People who start playing with their phones halfway through your story.  Was I boring you?

Ice cream with freezer burn.

Flakes! People that cancel plans constantly.

Everyone I know can relate to one or two of the items on the list.  It seems part of the human condition is to be annoyed with fellow humans and their habits.  And although we recognize that people’s behavior is not intentionally done to irritate us, we need to acknowledge that sometimes we irritate others too.  It took me reading this whole list to realize some of my habits were major pet peeves for my family and friends.  I’ll have to add these on the list of things I need to improve upon in my life before I start to get annoyed with people’s behaviors.


4 thoughts on “Picking People Apart

  1. I adored your post. I smiled in agreement at almost everything you said. From your examples, people with horrible driving directions top my list and closely behind that is when people interrupt my conversation with cell phones. I can definitely relate to all of them. Thank you for including the website, headed to go and check that out know.

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