Crafty Campaigns: Winning the Game


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The restaurant chain Cosi has started a new “Fall into Cosi” campaign that will run until October 31st.  The ultimate goal of this campaign is to increase foot traffic into the restaurants.  One strategy was to use technology to reach potential customers.  For this particular campaign, Cosi wanted to think outside of the box.  So many companies use social media tactics that now it seems customers are becoming immune to their effects.  Their campaigns are becoming part of the norm, and not very unique.  Cosi’s public relations team wanted to figure out a way to break the mold and start something that was original.

According to a report presented at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo this week, mobile applications used in marketing strategies are becoming a business trend.  (For more information on new trends in business and technology, visit  It seems that Cosi is ahead of the game.  For the “Fall into Cosi” campaign, the company decided to engage customers in a mobile sweepstakes.  Customers receive “game pieces” through either the mobile site or the webpage (depending on their preference) and then redeem these pieces at the local restaurant.  Prizes include gift cards or deals for dining, and a grand prize of a trip to Paris for two.  These incentives entice customers to eat at Cosi, and as a result, the restaurant’s new menu receives publicity. (To learn more about the “Fall into Cosi” campaign, read more at

This type of promotion is going to be the new rage.  (Well, at least until a better idea comes out.)  This tactic creates a bridge between the online world and the in-store atmosphere.  Engaging customers this way makes it appealing to come back to the business repeatedly.  I mean, who doesn’t like to win free stuff?  As long as the mobile app is creative, this tactic could be beneficial to creating awareness or engaging consumers.


4 thoughts on “Crafty Campaigns: Winning the Game

  1. I also think this is a great form of advertising done by the restaurant. Not only are you dining in to enjoy a meal, but you have a chance to “play” and win some great prizes. I agree that the site should be very creative so they could potentially use this strategy again in the future.

  2. Your post was very well written. This will definitely be the new craze, especially since it is convenient for customers. Since majority of our time is spent on our near our phones it is only right that companies begin to start connecting with us through our mobile devices. I would love for something to come directly to my phone, its easy and it takes out all other hassles.

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