Featuring Feedback Week 9


It is always important to pass along other ideas and opinions from my peers.  Check out these interesting blog posts written by fellow Georgia Southern PR professionals:

My Comment: “I am also a big fan of the chair ride (maybe it’s called the swing ride? I’m not sure either!). My personal favorite is the Ferris Wheel. I love being able to see out across the horizon. At sunset is the perfect time to catch just the right light. It really is breathtaking.”


My Comment: “Funnel cakes are delicious. I totally understand what you mean about now, as an adult, they are one of the major attractions of the fair. I’m not a fan of twirling and speeding rides, especially with crazy ‘carnies’ controlling my fate. So when I go to the fair, I stick with the Ferris Wheel and Swing rides too. I might feel a little adventurous and try the Pharaoh ride. The hall of mirrors and fun houses are more my style though.”



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