Featuring Feedback


It is always important to pass along other ideas and opinions from my peers.  Check out these interesting blog posts written by fellow Georgia Southern PR professionals:

Blog: http://ashleylaurenprice.wordpress.com/2013/11/08/171/

My Comment: “If Macy’s doesn’t have a campaign that targets young mothers with tactics using social media, they need to. A lot of moms are in charge of the clothes shopping for the entire family. If Macy’s knows that their target is going to be on Facebook, that is where they should focus their marketing efforts.”

Blog: http://whatjodijothinks.wordpress.com/2013/11/08/moms-and-social-media/

My Comment: “What a great idea! Mother’s day is already dedicated to honoring those strong women in our lives; it would be a perfect time to really highlight all they do. The campaign could have emotional appeal that relates to all women. I know a lot of kids who love donuts, so it makes sense for Dunkin to target moms along with the professionals. They might be cutting their reach by not including this public in their marketing strategies.”


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