Marketing towards Media Moms


According to new data from Experian Marketing Services, women who have children under the age of five are more active on social media sites than any other demographic.  This research also suggested that these mothers will check Facebook three or more times a day.  This information is not very shocking to me.  Facebook has recently been criticized for making people narcissistic.  Individuals post idealized images for their ‘friends’ to get this idea that they have a perfect life.  Of course, new mothers would feel the appeal to broadcast their ‘perfect family’ to the world.  I mean, what new mother doesn’t want to post cute baby pictures all over the internet? It’s almost a subconscious effort to make your ‘friends’ jealous of your life.

As self-serving as this habit has become, companies can use this information to reach this key public.  For those corporations who specifically target women with children, such as Pampers, Gerber, or Fisher Price, why not use this media platform to push a new marketing strategy?  Also, it is understood that women are primarily the shoppers for groceries and clothing purchases in the household.  If a company knows where their key public is going to be at certain times of the day, they can push messages directly to them.  This is the plan of any marketing mix, but who would have thought that Facebook would be the new, hot mom hangout…  It seems to me, social media is around to stay and should be included in integrated marketing strategies.

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One thought on “Marketing towards Media Moms

  1. I think it’s funny you mentioned how moms use Facebook to show off their newborns as an effort to make their friends “jealous.” I have seen countless posts off babies on my newsfeed and it’s starting to get a tad overwhelming. In other news, I think it would be very beneficial for companies you listed above to create a marketing strategy geared towards these moms and post information as well as coupons as specific times of the day.

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