December Starts the Season to Remember


As the semester draws to a close, I feel a nagging sense of loss.  This is my last semester of taking class at Georgia Southern University.  I decided to knock out my final credit hours before I start my internship.  That winded up being six upper division courses, including: International PR, PR Campaign Strategies, PR Publications, Social Media PR, Rhetoric of Social Movements and Communication Theory.  Needless to say, these classes kept me preoccupied this fall.  I never had a chance to think about how much I am going to miss this place.  The reality of everything is finally setting in now.  The drive to the library doesn’t seem to take as long now.  It’s as if I can’t stop looking around campus feeling nostalgic from my younger years.  How quickly the years go by.

This semester seemed to fly.  I guess I blinked and almost missed it.  The highlight was learning I was accepted as an intern at Carriage Trade PR, Inc.  I will be working with Marjorie Young, a highly recognized PR professional in Savannah, Ga.  I was supposed to start in January, but I volunteered to start right after the semester ends.  The most challenging part of the semester was trying to time manage everything.  Every week I was on a strict schedule.  It was fast paced, but I loved it.  In fact, if I could do anything over, I would take this many classes the entire time I was in college.  I would have been done in half time. But I can’t really complain; I enjoyed every minute of my undergraduate experience.  I’ve learned so much, and I feel like I have finally grown into myself.  As I finish finals off and head onward to Savannah, I will remember the lessons learned these last five years.  I will remember the amazing people I met.  And I will remember who I grew to become.

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