First Week Wrap Up


My life was changed dramatically this week as I entered into the business world and started my internship at Carriage Trade PR agency in Savannah, Ga. Although I have been training at Georgia Southern University for almost five years, I still felt a high level of anxiety as I walked through the doors of the Desoto Hilton Hotel. To introduce me to the business professionals of Savannah, Marjorie Young, my employer, took me as a guest to the Savannah Rotary Club. My great grandfather, Frank Johnston, had been the president of this club in the 1920s, and my family had made it a point to reiterate the fact that I needed to make a good first impression. So the pressure was on. Before I walked into the luncheon, I had already met two media contacts from local news stations.

Once Ms. Young and I had sat down at our table, I started to relax a little. There was a presentation over the Savannah tourism market which was very interesting. Apparently, Savannah is an international travel destination because of the historical background of this port city, and Jet Blue is adding Savannah to their flight plans for Chicago. After the presentation, all of the Rotary members were asked to join the president outside for the unveiling of a historical marker in honor of the club’s 100th anniversary. All three of the news stations had reporters and film crews documenting the event.

While I was there, I decided to use my photojournalism skills.

Rotary Club Historical Marker

Rotary Club Historical Marker


The next day of my internship was spent coordinating a fashion show for the grand opening celebration of Goodwill in Pooler.  Ms. Young introduced me to Ashley Borders, professional wardrobe stylist, designer and owner of her own clothing line “Bedouin”, and Jan Bass, Marketing Director for Goodwill Industries of the Coastal Empire.  Together, we mapped out the itinerary of the grand opening and the layout of the show.  Yesterday, the four of us met with Paige Striebig, a graduate from SCAD with a major in fibers and a minor in fashion, and the owner of Wild Fibre, a yarn shop.  Striebig and Borders designed over twenty pieces for show.  Ms. Young and I volunteered as well to be models.

Ashley Borders, Paige Striebig, and Paula Fogarty- Goodwill Fashion Show Fitting

Ashley Borders, Paige Striebig, and Paula Fogarty- Goodwill Fashion Show Fitting


While we were there, Ms. Young was able to get a local news station, WTOC to come interview with a Goodwill representative about the number of jobs created by the organization.

WTOC interviews Goodwill representative

WTOC interviews Goodwill representative


It’s only the first week and I’m already involved with such exciting projects.  I know I have said it before, but I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work with such a well-known and respected Public Relations professional.  Marjorie Young has already taught me so much in the first week of working with her, I can only imagine what the next months will bring.  Don’t worry readers, I will keep you posted on my progress.


Wish me luck for tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “First Week Wrap Up

    • Molly, I’m so glad you found my page. Definitely keep coming back; this story is the first of many. Soon I’m going to start adding tips for business professionals who are just starting out. Maybe something will be relevant to your job. Love you too. Keep calm and carry on! 🙂

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