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Internship Insider

Last semester, I felt the pressure set in. Completing finals and going home meant starting my internship. My site coordinator, Marjorie Young, CEO of Carriage Trade PR, Inc. in Savannah, gave me the opportunity to take on my responsibilities right away.

I find it strange how no one ever talks about what actually happens in their internship. During the months leading up to my start date, I had many questions and it seemed like no one had any answers for me. What made some people’s experience so wonderful and other people’s experience mediocre? What should I expect when I start working at my internship site? What do I wear the first day? How do I make the best first impression? How do I “WOW” my boss enough to pull me on full time? I’m sure some of you have similar uncertainties about what will happen in your internships. Since I clearly have no crystal ball, I have no idea what will happen in yours, but I can share some information about what is happening in mine.

For my first edition of Internship Insider, I want to share two acronyms with you. ‘OHIO’ and ‘KISS’. ‘OHIO’ is critical for Public Relations professionals, but I’m sure it would be helpful in any job. ‘OHIO’ stands for Only Handle It Once. For the last two months, I have lived by this philosophy. To break it down, ‘OHIO’ means that when you are facing something that needs to be done, do it right then. Don’t procrastinate, just knock it out. Getting in the ‘OHIO’ habit will save you from major headaches later.

I learned ‘KISS’ from a producer at one of the local news stations in Savannah. ‘KISS’ spells out Keep It Super Simple. He told me this in reference to preparing clients for interviews on camera. To put out a powerful message, the speaker needs three to four clear talking points to hit. The viewers don’t want an overload of information. Remember to KISS on TV and OHIO everywhere else.


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