Content Analysis of CASA Primary Research


Content Analysis

The Ogeechee Judicial Circuit branch of CASA is a nonprofit organization built upon volunteer support dedicated to find a permanent home for a child currently in the foster care system or child welfare system.  This organization depends upon individuals donating their time and energy to be the voice in court for a child.  Our biggest concern was the dwindling numbers of recent volunteers.  The main goal of this campaign was to generate ideas for recruiting more volunteers.  In an effort to effectively reach appropriate publics, a group of students from the Public Relations Campaign Strategies course at Georgia Southern University researched the situation.  To effectively understand the situation, the group utilized research methods including: scholarly research, case studies, surveys and interviews.  After this research was analyzed, the group compiled material they believed would be helpful.  These materials provided a better understanding of the situation surrounding CASA.  Specifically, our group chose to conduct a participant survey for individuals who attended the Superhero 5K event, which allowed us to determine the involvement status for participants at CASA events.  Also, we interviewed several volunteers currently working with CASA, which allowed us to get an idea of how individuals had learned about CASA, the motivations behind why they became advocates, and if they had friends or family who would be interested in becoming an advocate.

In total, 30 surveys were distributed at the 5K event held Nov. 2, 2013 in historic Guyton.  The participants consisted of 17 females and 13 males.  Almost half of the respondents held full-time employment.  The majority of participants hear about the event through a friend.  Furthermore, 70% would attended another CASA fundraising event, and 38% would be interested in learning more information about becoming a volunteer while only 7% of these individuals had ever been involved with the organization.  Over half of the responses suggested that participants would like to stay updated about CASA through social media sites.  The second preferred choice of communication would be through emails. A copy of the survey and the results were included in the following pages.

We also collected six interviews from current volunteers.  This method was decided upon based on the advantages interviews provide such as an indication of attitudes and the rich detail of responses.  Common responses were coded to be analyzed.  It was interesting that all of the interviewees had heard about the CASA program through friends, family or professional relationships.  The volunteers had only worked with the organization for less than three years.  However, all of the respondents affirmed that they will continue to volunteer at CASA for “as long as possible”.  The responses are included in the following pages.

It is our belief that this information provides an accurate view of the situation, problems and opportunities surrounding this local branch of CASA.  This data will also be helpful in the evaluation stage of the campaign.

*This satisfies one point towards Professionalism*


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