2012 Political Campaigns


“We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.¬† This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized.”

Edward Bernays was quoted saying this in his work, Propaganda (1928). 

U.S. politics usually run campaigns focused on defining the opponents based on what the two candidates ay about each other.

The general public listens to the negative ads that skew information and can be extremely misleading.  The following ad shows a negative opinion of the presidential nominee Mitt Romney:


This video is very vague and does not provide proof for the accusations presented.  It portrays Romney in a negative light.  The Obama campaign hopes that this video will alter the public opinion.  This is just one example of Public Relations being used in a current campaign.

The public needs to be aware of the risks of believing negative ads such as this one.  A voter should educate themselves on what exactly the candidate stands for based on his or her views of policy.  Education is key.


PR in TV


In the 1960s, Donald Draper was one of the key players in Advertising.¬† The show ‚ÄúMadMen‚ÄĚ portrays the life and job of Draper, including scandals, heavy drinking and smoking.¬† One episode of this multiple Emmy-award winning show is called ‚ÄúPublic Relations‚ÄĚ.

Although the main focus of the episode revolved around a stunt putting two women fighting over branded turkey during Thanksgiving in an effort to boost turkey sales, there are actual PR themes in the episode.

When a member of the company interviews with a reporter, it is important to be calm and casual when answering questions  The spokesperson, in a sense, must connect with the audience and show his or her human side; people need to connect with them on a certain level.

In the episode, Donald Draper’s character has an interview with a man who happens to be missing a leg.  Since Draper was uncomfortable with the reporter, he seemed distant in the interview.  As a result, the article portrayed Draper as cold and distant.

The public want to view companies in a personable way.  Draper failed to present himself in that way and thus failed to maintain a relationship with a client at the end of the episode.  This shows how vital Public Relations is to a corporation and an individual.  This episode teaches that PR should focus on giving the company a humanized image.  This idea of building relationships with the public is the forefront effort of PR.

lt’s All in the Name


Finding a title for my Public Relations blog was very tricky. ¬†In my studies, I have learned that titles should be informative but catchy. ¬†They must be appealing to my audience in a creative way but also apparent on what my focus will be throughout my writing. ¬†“The Wright Way” seemed fitting because this is my “way” into Public Relations. ¬†This should be appealing to my target audience, college students, because it connects our paths. ¬†We are all on our “way” and we can be supportive of each other on our journey.

I plan on sharing this blog on various forms of communication to widen my range of audience. ¬†Putting a link on my Facebook page will help to notify my network of ‘friends’ that I am working on something new. ¬†I can post Tweets on my Twitter account to further my “buzz”. ¬†Since my main focus in Public Relations is going to be event planning, the more I can get my message out, the better.